Reflection #2 Curriculum & Intruction 579

March 15, 2012

By participating in this technology course, I have come to the certainty that technology is a great resource in teaching the 21st Century Student.  I am also certain that technology is second to the intimate understanding of one’s particular area of instruction.  Technology is also second to the development of the bonds that must be earned to properly serve one’s clientele, the student.

In this course the one notion that stays with me the most is that I must empathize and teach responsibly at every turn of my career.  Learning and subsequently using new technologies with a rigorous time table has made me very aware of my expectations of my students regarding the introduction of new concepts, techniques, and technologies.  As I grow older, I will hold seriously the reality that I must maintain abreast of change or suffer the consequences of feeling disconnected to a present.  Worse than a student left behind is a teacher that has been left behind.

My teaching has already reaped the benefits of technology.  The use of Voice Thread and Screen Cast-O-Matic have served me well in generating meaningful sub-plans.  In the future I will hold no apprehension in matriculating into a course that is offered online.

Juan J. Medina


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