Blog Post #1 21st Century Skills Discussion

January 31, 2012

Blog Post #1

Regarding “What is the Future Role for the Arts In Public Education’

Where I do agree that 21st Century Skills are finally being attended to by school districts’ mission statements and supposed plans of action, it is my heartfelt and personal understanding that the fine arts are not benefiting from this recent turn to acknowledge what we have known all along, that “Critical thinking leads to real learning”.

As a High School Art Teacher, I can without reservation state that critical thinking skills have been and continue to be supported by our curriculum.  I would however, be remiss to ignore that what we provide is understood by our district as nothing more than non-essential.  We struggle to change our students’ mindsets in how one acquires knowledge, vis-à-vis the critique process.  We ask our students to first explore, then conceive, evaluate and critically reflect before taking the leap towards making.  I believe what you call for in your article is already happening.  I am hopeful that steady progress will eventually lead to ours being recognized as more than innate filler.

Guest Blog, Bruce Taylor: What is the Future Role for Arts In Public Education?

Thursday, October 06, 2011, 11:22:27 AM | Richard Kessler

What is the Future Role for the Arts In Public Education?

by Bruce Taylor


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